Thursday, July 4, 2019

Check out our Rube Goldberg machine!

DADWAVERS- Rube Goldberg 

Description: The tabletop cluttered with art and monuments while we stand with our eyes peeled.
Action: I push the car down the slope and watch it crash towards the marble.
Dialogue: “Look, It works!” Jin Jia says while we all gasp in amazement.
Where: The dominoes knock the ball towards the other table as we all stand in anticipation.
Adverb: Sadly the dominoes didn’t activate, leaving our faces in a frown.
Verb: We try again and it leads us towards the burning city, welcoming our eyes with its amber flames.
Estimation of time: A minute later the marble rushes through the tunnel, we stand hoping it will trigger the lever.
Rhetorical Question: Will it work? We all wonder.
Simile or Metaphor: We shout like a crowd at Coachella after the balloon blasts to smithereens. 

Description - As the flames destroy the building, you could hear the sirens ringing.
Action - Marbles racing down the incline plane as if they are in the Olympics.
Dialogue - “Ready, set, GO!” we shout as the car zooms down the flaming track of doom.
Where - In Room 6, we have built an astonishing machine to do a simple task - pop a balloon.
Adverb - Quickly the speed increases as the car smashes the marble then knocks the lego out of its way.
Verb - The marble rolls down the steep incline plane through the pizza plaza.
Estimation of time - Around thirty seconds later… the velvet blue balloon POPPED!!!
Rhetorical Question - I wonder if it will work again?
Smilie and Metaphor - The balloon as big as a ball popped with such a loud bang!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


As we have been looking at function this term, we decided to combine function with 3D art based on the American artist Louise Nevelson. Using a range of tools we dismantled  toys, baby carriers, electronics, scooters, bikes and more trying to figure out the function of different parts. After that we each chose parts that we then used to create our piece of 3D art.

Monday, June 24, 2019

How will we leave the planet??

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Cluster after cluster of filthy rubbish washed upon the shore, one after another, seemingly endless. pollution and each year tons of it finds its way into the mouths of a plethora of sea creatures. We should acknowledge that we have failed at reducing rubbish because 6.5 million tons of litter enter the ocean each year, 90% of that is from land.

70% of litter entering the ocean lands on the sea bed, 15% on the beaches and an estimated 15% stays on the surface. Pollution impacts both sea creatures and us. Think about it this way: the fish eat the deadly plastic, then we go and hunt the fish and eat it ourselves. It causes ridiculous diseases, it’s not good for us and it’s definitely not good for the environment. If sea creatures are dying, it also affects numerous other animals because we are one big food chain that depend on each other for survival.  Animals that depend on the sea for their food such as bears and many species of birds will need to adapt and find other resources.

A home for sea creatures means a home for us. Right at this very moment scientists feel the need to design rockets and capsules that’ll take us to Mars. I guess we’ve decided to go to Mars because in the near future, Earth’s resources will run out. We have polluted the oceans and air, knowingly stepped aside to allow climate change to settle in and have cut down millions of trees that once housed a huge variety of animals. If we looked after Earth properly we would still have a place to call ‘home’ in the next few decades. Remember, a home for sea creatures means a home for us.

When I was little, I thought the world was a place to have fun and live your life as a kid but now I know that this is not the case. We are not innocent, peaceful, harmony loving creatures that will never dare harm the planet. Wars are just increasing as people argue about who gets what and people make billions of dollars off illegal logging. My Parents always say ‘The older generations try to give the younger generations the best opportunities and the best life,’ but it’s not true!! They left us with the problem of pollution. If they started realizing back then how this would turn out maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation. But, it doesn’t matter, the past is gone, so if they didn’t do it, we will. Either we choose to end it now or we don’t. Either we choose to give the next generation a better future or we don’t. The choice is ours, it’s time to act.

By JinJia


Pollution is affecting our planet and some of us don’t think of it as a serious problem. We think that because we can survive and it doesn’t  matter about our future generations, but can they survive?

Humans pollute this planet by doing so many things like littering, smoking, hunting, burning and destroying nature. Now I’m not only talking about you, I'm also talking about me.  The chair I sit on is made from wood, the pencil I write with is made from wood, the house I live in is also made out of wood and where does wood come from? Trees. The trees that help us breathe. The trees that help us live!  I guess it's not as bad when wood comes from man made forests. In parts of India the trees are cut down because farmers need land, but they don’t replant trees when they cut them down.

Now let's talk about plastic. Plastic is a major problem. People leave plastic almost everywhere. Let's say a country has 5 million people and each person in that country uses 100 plastic bags per month. Can you imagine how many plastic bags that country will produce a month? And to make matters worse, this is roughly the same amount of plastic every single country in this world produces! The only solution to this problem is to ban all plastic 

I strongly believe that we mustn't pollute our planet. Even though it might seem too late now, it isn’t too late to make a change!

By Vaishnavi

To be curious is to thirst for knowledge.

One area we have been trying to focus on this term is asking deeper questions. We believe that being curious and inquisitive will help stimulate our brain and expand our knowledge and understanding of things in our world. Here are a few answers to questions that were asked in our class.