Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Have you ever wondered what would happen if the trees decided that they had had enough of how badly some humans treat them?? We have and decided to put those thoughts down on paper. Here's a snapshot of some of the narratives we are piecing together.

It was a sunny day in the forest. I was strolling through the densely packed trees and found a large clearing. “Shhhhh,” the trees said to each other as I walked through their meeting. I had never realised that I was trampling over their sacred grass or walking right through a meeting. “How disrespectful of the humans! How could they step on our grass that has been here for thousands of years!” the trees said to each other when I left. I did know that this was an extremely old forest, but I didn’t realise that the trees considered the overgrown grass sacred. Bryan

“This is getting out of hand, the humans are taking over,” said Bill one of the Members of The Ministry of Trees. What do we do?” The Ministry of Trees were having a clandestine meeting knowing that the risk was high, when all of a sudden they heard voices, human voices. Fred, the leader of The Ministry of Trees could hear the evil sound….. his biggest nightmare... a… CHAINSAW!! Fred was trying to tell the humans that he was alive and that they were going to kill him but the humans couldn’t hear him. It was just a matter of time before the humans took over! The ministry knew that they had to do something, but what? Akeelah

“Even if the shallow humans don’t know it, a war has started. Each and everyone of you are capable of making the humans suffer. I, a willow tree can unexpectedly  grab a human from behind or sneak my slender arm through the window and grab something that that particular human likes. Apple trees can launch the hard little apples and break glass. Berry plants can splatter the berries on the window or create stains.” said Josephine passionately as she launched into her speech. “ We will create havoc and distractions for the humans, and when they are weakened, then we will strike with full power!”.  After explaining a bit more, the trees silently departed and returned home. Joanne & JinJia

Large trees shadow me, leaves crunching at their roots. I roll around, trying to dodge them as they stomp around me. The trees shadow me and merge closer, poking me with their branches shuffling me into the corner. As they probe me, I feel like a lion at a circus; laughed at for entertainment. “Silence!” Booms a boisterous voice, shattering my air drums. All the trees around me suddenly fall to their roots. Out of the mist, a large oak trees stands before me, even more frightening than the rest. Petrified, I get on my knees and plead, “Don’t hurt me!” Aamnah

One peaceful day I walked around and I thought I heard someone behind me talking to themselves but there was no one there. It was only the choir singing in front of the Mt Albert University. I recognised a voice, “Oh I can hear Vibe” I thought. He was speaking to someone but I couldn’t see who it was. “Vibe, Vibe is that you? Vibe where are you?...” There was just a bush with trees so I must have been hearing things or something but I really missed Vibe because I hadn't seen him in 2 days. It was kind of strange. Cassidy

Freshwater Ecosystems

One of the ecosystems we are looking at for inquiry is the freshwater ecosystem. Below is some information from a few of the boys about freshwater ecosystems or biomes. We also put our creative hats on and put together an impromptu year 6 freshwater ecosystem dance we call WATER. Enjoy!

Diwali Math

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sleeping Beaudy

The senior school had so much fun putting the Sleeping Beaudy production together. Here's a look at the journey we embarked on.

Thursday, October 31, 2019


What do you think collaboration is? Here's a couple of ideas from Jome Room 6 students

What do you think of when you hear the word collaboration?
Collaboration. It’s always about what is collaboration, but for a change, let’s start with what isn’t collaboration. Collaboration isn’t just doing your own thing, collaboration isn’t being too bossy and collaboration isn’t trying to drag your team down. Something I need to work on personally, is to be a bit more relaxed and not too bossy, Some good examples of collaboration are; having a team huddle and communicating well. I found out that working with different people gives you more ideas, for example, Sarah informed us of this website called ‘Beautiful.Ai’ that allowed us to increase our creativity. When Aamnah and I started goofing around, she brought us back to being responsible. 

Collaboration is when you work well in a group, share ideas and spread the work out evenly. Collaboration is also when you try your best in everything you do and not just working on your own. If you communicate with your group and have conversations that are on task, you can get your work done better and quicker. Also, we need to put personal excellence in every piece of work that we do, be responsible, stay on task and not get distracted. We can show leadership in our groups by helping others as well as doing what we need to do.


What is collaboration you may ask, well let me tell you this, I used to think collaboration was just working with people and working on the same thing and splitting the tasks so we all have something to do, but guess what? it’s a lot more than that. Collaboration is not talking over one another, it’s not laughing and making fun of someone else's statement and it is definitely not keeping in all your ideas to yourself. Now let me tell you what collaboration is. Collaboration is showing respect towards others, contributing to conversations, showing personal excellent and most importantly, it’s being a team player. Can I also say something, if your working with your team and your talking about something that’s off topic, do you think you’ll get your work done quicker than if you were talking about your work??… let me just answer that question for you…. Of course not!

Collaboration is when you work well with others, you share ideas together, work in a team by doing things together and helping each other when you need help. Also, it means to share the load by not making someone do all the work but share the work evenly. Collaboration is also about communicating with others as this is very important if you are working in a team. Also, you have to take some responsibility if you are collaborating with others. If you are doing everything and no one in your group is doing anything, then you have to tell them politely to do their part and not shout at them. 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Chinese Language Week

The last week of term 3 was Chinese Language week. Here's a bit of what we go up to.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Can you guess where we are or who JinJia is?
                                                                   Where Am I?
As I tried to get through the immense crowd, no one was giving way so I shoved myself through and finally got a seat. Once I sat down I heard an uncanny sound every second; GROWL! GROWL! GROWL! I could feel it, then I realised that my stomach was growling so I got up from my seat and went to get some scrumptious hot food. Sitting back down the silver sidearm discharged a furor that went at an astounding speed followed by BANG! ZOOM! The sonic fast racers sped past. It was a long race to finish. I wondered who won the race. Everyone watched in silence and horror as they finished the race.”Yay!” I said as my favourite racer came first. 
Accidentally I knocked my cup over and the person sitting next to me was angry. 
What Am I?
“ And done..” said Professor Aamnah after finishing tying the thick wad of parchment with cords to my scaly leg. She slid open the window and gave me a nudge, I took that as a cue to start delivering the very important piece of paper. Affectionately I hooted twice to reassure her then ruffled my plumage and took off immediately. I soared hard and fast to show her I am the right animal for this job. 

Where am I?

I nervously enter the double doors and can hear crowds of people rushing around one by one. The sound of them hollering and screaming makes me more concerned and nervous. What will happen? Each and every attractive looking room is filled with colour. Where will I go first? The sight of people shrieking and laughing makes me think... Will I survive? There is a delicious smell of sweet cotton candy and buttery popcorn in every corner as well.

Where am I?

As I walked through the through the two sliding doors, my family and I got so scared and stressed because we were already late and the lines were so long. Finally we finished the formal stuff and headed up to get some KFC because I was really hungry. As we were in such a big rush, we just went straight to our gate with our food, luckily as soon as we got to the gate there weren’t many people there.